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Who are we?

Some members from Radio XFM

Radio XFM is an old student based radio located at Technical University of Denmark ( We are all working voluntarily, and are all either students or employees at DTU. If you would like to contribute to the radio, we always need hosts for shows, people for adminsitration, people for managing servers etc. Send us an e-mail at or message us at our Facebook Page.

Where to find us?

We can be found on multiple platforms, but these are our primary ones:

Is XFM still active?


Radio XFM got a bit of a set back as the previous board decided to close down the radio. Luckily though, a few guys wanted to save the radio. At that point, the radio was 30 years old, and it would be too sad to just close the radio.

We are currently working on rebranding the radio as an entirely new radio. The name is not to change, but we have got an entirely new logo and new colors.

We got a few issues with our servers, resulting in our e-mail to be down for a while, and we lost the files for our old website, which is why we have this temporary simple website.